General Electrical Rewinding

With our large capacity of electrical coil over dryer, we are 100% sure of using the original oven sterling varnish for all our rewinding jobs.

The good thing about CHIROTECH CONCEPTS rewinding jobs are;

  • Meggar/Continuity test

We have a very high range value of meggar insulations, digital and analogue testers with a value range of at least 0 – 1000V.

In continuity testing, we use one of the best modern testing digital meters that measure accuracy and satisfies by I.E.E regulation.

As a good electrical testing instrument ( Fluks) made in the united states of America.

  • Bench Testing

We make sure that our newly rewound works, like industrial transformers, alternators, electric motors are being pass the process of workshop bench/ratio test before delivery.

  • Materials

We use original materials recommended by product manufacturers standard for our rewinding.